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Introducing Conan’s new podcast
Conan O’Brien really needs a friend. But does he need a podcast? Turns out he does. If only to find that friend. Conan's bringing his favorite celebrity guests by the studio for some friendly conversations. In the meantime, he is joined by his dependable assistant Sona Movsesian, in an attempt to figure out why a venerable TV legend like himself might want to start a podcast in the first place. Is it really for the friendship, or just the fortune and glory? Or is it maybe to show everyone else just how wrong they’ve been doing it up to now? Weekly episodes start this fall. Subscribe now so you don't miss the biggest podcast event of the year!
    Shaka Senghor: Prison Taught Him the Power of Love, Forgiveness and Redemption
    Oprah calls this interview one of the most powerful in her career. Author, mentor and criminal justice activist Shaka Senghor turned his life around after spending 19 years in prison and solitary confinement for committing second-degree murder. During his incarceration, an unexpected act of forgiveness led to his spiritual redemption. Shaka discusses the challenges of fixing the soul of a broken prison system that doesn’t focus on rehabilitation and reintegration.
      Part 1: Ken Jennings on Jeopardy and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on Coronavirus Testing (ACS Apr 23)
      At the top of the show, Adam talks to Bald Bryan about his trivia background, and Gina shares her game show experiences as well. Adam also recalls trying out for the Dating Game when he was an up-and-coming comedian. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko then comes on the line and talks about his experiences testing for and attempting to lower the death rate of Coronavirus. He goes on to discuss the tragedies unfolding on the front line, and his thoughts on overcoming the infection and ultimately being able to ward off a second wave. Ken Jennings then joins the show to discuss developing his mind for trivia, how he prepped for his incredible Jeopardy run, and the pressures of playing the game live. The guys also chat about Ken’s new trivia board game, and everyone plays a round of ‘Who Wants to Literally Be A Millionaire’. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Lifelock.com enter ADAM Geico.com BetOnline enter PODCASTONE BetterHelp.com/CAROLLA GiftCards.com/HAPPY Manscaped.com enter ADAM
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      Between the Scenes - The South African Version of 911
      Trevor compares America's 911 emergency calling service to its less reliable counterpart in South Africa. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
        Episode 613 - President Barack Obama
        Marc welcomes the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to the garage for conversation about college, fitting in, race relations, gun violence, changing the status quo, disappointing your fans, comedians, fatherhood and overcoming fear. And yes, this really happened. This episode is presented without commercial interruption courtesy of Squarespace. Go to MarcMeetsObama.com to see behind-the-scenes photos and captions.
          EP95 - E is for Erotica
          Welcome to episode 95 of the Sexology Podcast, today I’m delighted to be joined by Jordan Rawlins and F.C Brandt who speak to me about their new book E Is For Erotica, the exploration of open and non-monogamous relationships and how our relationships are continually evolving.     Jordan Rawlins is a Southern California native who made a living as a poker player, stuntman, actor and trained as a magician, before finding his place as a writer. His children's movie, “Rescue Dogs,” opened in theaters nationwide in 2016. He was a semi-finalist for the 2018 Academy Nicholl Fellowship. On the digital front, he has worked with Maker Studios and Defy Studios on various projects. In 2018 he worked with WBTV and Amore and Vita on a new half-hour series. A playwright, his stage plays have been seen in theaters across America and in London. He has numerous projects for the big and small screen in various stages of development. He is the author of the novel "Monsters of the Apocalypse" and the comedy Alphabet book, "E is for Erotica." His free time is spent fly-fishing, volunteering with his favorite charities, and getting yelled at by two demanding cats.    F.C Brandt is a storyboard artist, documentary filmmaker, and a cartoonist. He’s responsible for the comic book documentary Comic Book Independents, has been a storyboard artist for commercials and feature films and has been working on his own personal project A Hero A Day for the past several years. He recently launched his new book with his friend Jordan Rawlins, E is for Erotica. E is for Erotica is a Dr. Seuss like book for grown-ups that explores all aspects of sexuality using the alphabet as its guide.     In this episode, you will hear:     Why they made the book E is For Erotica   The reasoning and thinking for not including gay terminology in the book   How they made a conscious effort to represent a diverse mix of people   The exploration of open and non-monogamous relationships   The issue of jealousy in monogamous relationships  The difficulty of communication with non-monogamous relationships  How our relationships are continually evolving     Resources  https://www.amazon.com/Erotica-Jordan-Rawlins/dp/0692132058     Survey - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MCM62XY    https://www.facebook.com/oasis2care   https://www.instagram.com/oasis2care   https://twitter.com/oasis2care    https://oasis2care.clientsecure.me/client_portal     Podcast Produced by Pete Bailey - http://petebailey.net/audio  
            When you're interviewing someone, you're in control. When you're being interviewed, you think you're in control, but you're not.
            Barbara Walters